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Anderson.Paak / Oxnard

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Anderson.Paak / Oxnard

Anderson.Paak / Oxnard

Anderson.Paakの3年弱振りの3作目。DreをExecutive Producerに迎えたが、いわゆるWest Sideの強い影響は無く、Andersonの個性を活かした作りになっている。

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rap oriented---------song oriented









Anderson .Paak and Jairus "J.Mo" Mozee(1,9)
Jose Rios, King Michael Coy and Ron Avant(2)
Anderson .Paak and Om'Mas Keith(3)
Dr. Dre and Mell(4,8)
Anderson .Paak and Mell*(5)
9th Wonder(6)
King Michael Coy, Callum and Kiefer(7)
Chris Dave(11)
Dr. Dre, Focus... and Q-Tip(12)
Dr. Dre, J. LBS and Mell(14)


Kadhja Bonet, Norelle, Kendrick Lamar, Dr. Dre, Cocoa Saraim , Pusha T, Snoop Dogg, The Last Artful, Dodgr, J. Cole, Q-Tip, BJ the Chicago Kid, Tayla Parx, Busta Rhymes


1The ChaseKadhja Bonet, Brandon Anderson, Jairus MozeeBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Kadhja Bonet03:23
2HeadlowBrandon Anderson, Jose Rios, Kadhja Bonet, Michael Redict, Ron AvantBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Norelle04:10
3TintsBrandon Anderson, Jeff Gitelma, Sydney Bennettm Robert Lewis, Kendrick Duckworth, David Pimentel, Taylor Parks, Om’Mas KeithBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar04:28
4Who R U?Brandon Anderson, Dwayne Abernathy Jr, .Sylvester Jordan, Andre Young, Melvin Henderson, Andre BrissettBrandon Anderson .Paak02:48
56 SummersBrandon Anderson, Jason Pounds, Melvin Henderson, Tia MyrieBrandon Anderson .Paak04:42
6Saviers RoadBrandon Anderson, Patrick Douthit, Tia MyrieBrandon Anderson .Paak02:24
7Smile/PettyBrandon Anderson, Keifer Shackleford, Matthew MerisolaBrandon Anderson .Paak04:42
8Mansa MusaAndre Brissett, Andre Young, Brandon Anderson, Abernathy Jr., Eric Mercer, Melvin Henderson, Sylvester Jordan, Tia Myrie, Yannick KoffiBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Dr. Dre & Cocoa Sarai02:53
9Brother’s KeepersBrandon Anderson, Abernathy Jr., Jairus Mozee, Kadhja Bonet, Terrence ThorntonBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Pusha T04:14
10AnywhereAlana Chenevert, Brandon Anderson, Calvin Broadus Jr., Pounds, Peter Hernandez, Reagan JamesBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Snoop Dogg & The Last Artful, Dodgr03:46
11TrippyJermaine Cole, Brandon Anderson, Chris Dave, Curt Chambers, Cleo SampleBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. J. Cole05:23
12CheersAndre Brissett, Andre Young, Brandon Anderson, Kamaal Fareed, Sylvester JordanBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. Q-Tip05:34
13Sweet ChickBrandon Anderson, Bryan Sledge, Melvin Henderson, Sylvester Jordan, Tia MyrieBrandon Anderson .Paak feat. BJ the Chicago Kid03:57
14Left to RightAndre Young, Brandon Anderson, Pounds, Melvin Henderson, Sylvester Jordan, Tia Myrie, Trevor Smith Jr.Brandon Anderson .Paak03:55

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