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Lil Uzi Vert / Eternal Atake

Album review

Lil Uzi Vert / Eternal Atake

Lil Uzi Vert / Eternal Atake

Lil Uzi Vertの2作目。前作同様、チャート1位を獲得している。Guest多数のMixtape集を含んだ2枚組Deluxe盤もあるが、レビュー対象はオリジナルのほうにした。とはいえ、18曲65分の大作でもある。
メインProducerは同じ地元、フィリーのProducer集団、Working On Dyingより、Brandon Finessinに変わったが、哀愁感のあるTrackに唄うようなRapの組み合わせは前作同様。ただ、Trackもフローも力強さが増し、芯が太くなっていて、逆に不穏な雰囲気はやや薄れた気がする。

Score card

rap oriented---------song oriented









Ike Beatz, Brandon Finessin, Bugz Ronin and Cousin Vinny(1)
Brandon Finessin and Bugz Ronin(2)
Supah Mario(3)
Brandon Finessin and Oogie Mane(4)
Brandon Finessin (5)
Bugz Ronin(6)
Brandon Finessin and Starbo(7)
Brandon Finessin and Outtatown(8)
Dez Wright Beats and Oogie Mane(9)
Chief Keef(10)
Bugz Ronin(11)
Harold Harper (12)
Bobby Raps and Wheezy(13)
Brandon Finessin and Outtatown (14)
Bugz Ronin(15)
Brandon Finessin, LOESOE, Mayyzo and Starbo(17)
Felipe Spain, Supah Mario and Yung Lan(18)




1Baby PlutoSymere Woods, Brandon Veal, Daniel Perez, Vincent DeLon, Ivison SmithBrandon Finessin03:30
2Lo MeinSymere Woods, Brandon Veal, Daniel PerezBrandon Finessin03:15
3Silly WatchSymere Woods,, Jonathan PriesterSupah Mario03:16
4PopSymere Woods, Jordan Ortiz, Brandon VealBrandon Finessin03:47
5You Better MoveSymere Woods, Brandon VealBrandon Finessin03:17
6HomecomingSymere Woods, Daniel PerezBugz Ronin03:34
7I’m SorrySymere Woods, Brandon Veal, Anton MendoBrandon Finessin03:32
8Celebration StationSymere Woods, Brandon Veal, Tobias DekkerBrandon Finessin03:15
9Bigger Than LifeSymere Woods, Jordan Ortiz, Dylan Cleary-KrellDez Wright03:13
10Chrome Heart TagsSymere Woods, Keith CozartChief Keef03:33
11Bust MeSymere Woods, Daniel PerezBugz Ronin03:14
12PricesSymere Woods, Harold Harper, Jacques Webster, Rog?t Chahayed, Scott Mescudi, Kasseem Dean, Magnus H?iberg, Chauncey Hollis, Jr., Brittany Hazzard, Carlton Mays, Jr.Harper03:53
13Urgency (featuring Syd)Symere Woods, Sydney Bennett, Nick Eaholtz, Wesley Glass, Robert RichardsonBobby Raps03:01
14VenetiaSymere Woods, Brandon Veal, Tobias DekkerBrandon Finessin03:09
15Secure the BagSymere Woods, Daniel PerezBugz Ronin03:58
16P2Symere Woods, Bryan SimmonsTM8803:55
17Futsal Shuffle 2020 (bonus track)Symere Woods, Anton Mendo, Brandon Veal, Cas van der Heijden, Mees van der BruggenBrandon Finessin03:19
18That Way (bonus track)Symere Woods, Jonathan Priester, Andres Espana, Milan Modi, Andreas Carlsson, Max MartinFelipe Spain03:32

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